Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Sunday

1) Yesterday I took my parents to NYC. Neither had ever been, and we drove down to New Haven and took Metro North in. This is now my preferred (and least expensive) method of traveling to the Big Apple. We visited Ground Zero and rode the Staten Island Ferry, then roamed around Times Square and Rockefeller Center. We also visited the American Girl store. And then came home. Both were glad to have finally seen (a miniscule fraction of) the city, but neither is in any hurry to go back.
2) I am here to tell you that contrary to the rumors you've heard, our economy cannot possibly be in trouble. The American Girl store yesterday was a zoo; people were buying stuff left and right. It was crazy, I tell you. Crazy.
3) I'm over the Staten Island Ferry. Even if it is free.
4) I'm pleased at how well my dad held up;  I think the subway made him nervous, though to be fair we did seem to have a particularly crazed driver on the 1 train, who apparently subscribed to my grandmother's theory of driving: there are two speeds, fast and stop. Except, y'know, there are no seat belts on the subway.
5) Before my parents left, my mother cleaned out the sink and did the dishes as well as a load of laundry, and my dad swept the entire downstairs (it's a big house) AND gave me (yet another) lesson in how to put air in my tires (just for the record, and in my own defense, it helps when you have a tire gauge that actually works).
6) I was more than amused when my grandmother called my mother, demanding to know where the hell she's exactly what my mother did to me last week.
7) I've spent the past couple of months watching "Monarch of the Glen", a BBC show about Scottish land owners (it sounds awful, but it's actually a great drama/comedy), and now I'm almost at the end. I need another good BBC show to get me through the winter...last year it was Ballykissangel. I've started in on "Hex", but I'm not really that into it. Suggestions welcome.

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Jeff Parsons said...

There are a few BBC shows I like, but they may not be your taste unless you're into the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

1. Doctor Who - A very good update of the original.

2. Torchwood - A doctor Who spin off that I think might actually be better than the show from which it came. The second season is better than the first.

3. Merlin - About the wizard Merlin when he was young and first met King Arthur. This one just started on the BBC so it's not on DVD or American television, but it's out on the net if you look in the right places.