Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Only God Is Perfect (or, what NOT to do when knitting a scarf)

This summer I bought two skeins of a nice wool/alpaca/silk blend of Auracania yarn to make a scarf. I've used Auracania before, and it's a little tricky because there are no dye lots and so the same color yarn can be, well, not the same color! You are supposed to knit from two skeins at a time to help blend, but at the time I didn't know how to do this (I have since learned via knitting my Noro scarf, and of course it's hardly rocket science). But in my typical "oh, screw it and let's see what happens" fashion, I just cast on with one skein, and then when that ran out I added the other one. And, as you can see, it was VASTLY different than the first - much more blue than purple! So, I knit half the scarf length on one end, then picked up and knit on the other end. Honestly, when it's wound around my neck you can't really tell...or at least, that's what people are saying to me when I point it out (all non-knitters, know a knitter would grimace!). By all rights, I should rip it out and reknit it, but I have utterly no intentions of doing so, if for no other reason than it is incredibly warm and I wear it too much to not have it for a few days.

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