Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Morning Madness

The cat woke me up at 5:30 am, yowling so much that I thought there must be something seriously wrong. I came downstairs - his bowls of food and water were full, and the basement door was open so he could get down to the litter box. In the world of an indoor house cat these are about the only diagnosable crises, at least with no visible signs of missing fur. Turned out he wanted to "rug surf", which is what we call it when he tears around chasing his catnip toy and lands on the area rugs in such a manner that they skid across the floor, the cat along for the ride. A game I love to play, just not that early on a Saturday.

Back to bed, exhausted from yet another insanely busy work week, only to be woken hours later by loud hammering. Seems the roofers, scheduled to show up on Monday, decided to come today instead. It wouldn't be a problem, except they set up shop (& scaffolding) right in front of the garage door, trapping me here. And THAT wouldn't be so problematic either, if a) I could concentrate on something while they are hammering, and b) if I'd gone to the grocery store last night, or even c) if my Netflix order had showed up. I just hope they take the scaffolding with them when they leave; it is entirely possible they don't realize I am here. 

Thus poised, I'm going to go raid the kitchen and then see if I can find the Daily Show episode of Jon Stewart taking on the CNBC guy. That should cheer me up.

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