Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Weekend Things

I land here empty-handed in the sewing and knitting departments. My dad was here this weekend, and brought me an almost-as-old-as-I-am John Denver guitar songbook. I think I bought this book for him for Christmas when I was about ten, and grew up listening to him play the songs. John was a staple in our old stereo, and I used to sing the songs on long car rides - "Rhymes and Reasons" was always a favorite of mine (they played this song a lot after 9-11 - ""though the city starts to crumble and the towers fall around us"). Even now when I struggle with insomnia, I still often find myself lying in bed singing these songs to myself (reason #14 I am 38 and still single...).

I was overjoyed that it is an "easy" edition of his songs, meaning that I actually know most of the chords used. I mean -- seriously giddy. I think my dad thought I might have gone 'round the bend a bit, as I plucked out "Take Me Home, Country Roads". Tonight I've been trying to play "Follow Me", and it's making me ridiculously happy. And there's the sweet spot I've been missing these past 4 months -- I really have no interest in being a great guitar player; if I can just play a few John Denver songs I will be ecstatic. Anything else is gravy. (Although, I am also eyeing a couple of Patty Griffin songs...).

Another happy thing: The Swell Season's new album "Strict Joy". The Swell Season is the couple (or, former couple) from the movie "Once", plus what appears to be most of Glen Hansard's old band The Frames. These songs are so beautiful and haunting and fabulous and I can't stop listening to them (except, of course, to play John Denver). Late this afternoon I had to run some errands, and driving home there was a fabulous moonrise, with these pink clouds that tinted the leaves on the trees a kind of sepia-tone. As it accompanied the Swell Season songs, it was strangely, eerily beautiful.

One more happy thing: Little Lad's herbal popcorn was at Whole Foods!!! This stuff is so freaking good, I personally don't care WHAT is in it. I used to get it at this tiny little health food store in Augusta (Maine) when I lived there a few years ago, and up until today had never been able to find it anywhere else. I confess that it was dinner tonight :-)

Finally, we fixed the toilet seat that, I am fairly certain, the cat managed to break. A few nights ago I heard a crash in the bathroom and the cat came flying out of there. He had knocked a decorative ceramic vase off the back of the toilet, which I'm guessing must have bounced and hit one of the plastic screw-thingies (technical term!) that keeps the toilet seat anchored. All I really know is that shortly after the crash I discovered a strange piece of plastic on the floor and the seat was suddenly wobbly...I can't help but think all events are related to the cat's speedy exit.

UPCOMING: I have a goal this week to post at least one happy thing each day here, as I endeavor to resuscitate my "Happiness Project". Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Having cats myself, I always love your cat stories as I can soooooo relate to them. Too bad you don't have a dog, because I wonder who the cat blamed for the vase breaking. :-)