Sunday, January 3, 2010

And So It Goes...

Years ago I started using Clinique products, and the sales lady in the white coat said that my skin would get worse before it got better, that the products would bring out all the icky stuff buried deep in my skin. I thought this was the most ridiculous sales pitch in the world, but as it turned out she was more or less correct.

I bring this up because after two weeks of taking vitamins, sleeping more, and eating better...which I will write about later this week...I am sick. This is Day 4 of it, coinciding with a never-ending snowstorm here in the Boston area. I am mostly a homebody, but I am going completely stir crazy and my nose is all red and the Nyquil did NOTHING. And, this is exactly what happens every blessed time I try to be more healthy - I get sick. I'm thinking that much like the Clinique soap, getting healthy means getting worse before getting better, and that this is just my body's way of getting all the crappy residue out. (The fact that my dad was sick over Christmas and several of my coworkers are sick nothwithstanding.)

The only good thing is, I've had plenty of time to sit on the couch and knit, and managed to finally finish my Malabrigo twisted rib scarf in the "Charrua" colorway. With, um, some help:

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Karen said...

Had to it is kinda funny. Lets just hope it's a coincidence..yes?