Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let There Be Sheep

My friend and her 4-year old daughter (almost 5!) came to visit this weekend. The 4-year old has recently developed an enormous enthusiasm for sheep --a girl after my own heart! (Although, when I explained to her that yarn comes from sheep she gave me a very blank look that said either "who cares" or "what on earth is she going on about".) We heard a lot about sheep over the course of dinner, and afterwards I had a brain spasm and remembered seeing this really cute pattern at Purlbee for stuffed lamb pillows. The minute the 4-year old saw them she wanted one, so we set to work. We improvised the materials a wee bit, using gray felt and some left-over cotton quilt batting. I love this sort of project, where you use up where you have and still wind up with something pretty darn cute! And, it only took about an hour from printing out the pattern to sewing on the ears. The bow was the 4-year old's idea (she was quite insistent on having one, and don't you know it's MAGENTA, not PINK. This girl is big on magenta!).

Then today, we visited Drumlin Farms and saw REAL baby sheep!

Some were just a few days old, and almost the cutest thing you ever saw. The absolute cutest thing was a little girl, I'm guessing not much older than one, who ran up to the fence, pointed at the baby lamb, and happily shouted "COW", looking totally and completely pleased with herself. "COW". What a riot. And the more we laughed, the more she giggled and pointed and said "COW". Maybe ignorance is bliss, but the next time I discover I'm totally wrong about something, I plan on laughing and saying "COW" as loudly as I can. Enjoy the fail.

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