Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Few of My (Current) Favorite Things

1. Ingrid Michaelson's album Boys and Girls.
2. Brene Brown and her books.
3. Goat cheese.
4. Castle. (No one but Nathan Fillion could make this show work.)
5. It's no longer completely pitch dark at 4:30 in the afternoon! (ok, so it's pitch dark at 4:35...still, we're moving in the right direction!)
6. Counting the days until we leave for Ireland.
7. Scrambled eggs and toast with strawberry jam and butter. For dinner.
8. Not having to do Christmas shopping during lunch break, hurrah!
9. Finding quarters that my niece needs to complete her state quarter collection, which she is really excited about (today I found both American Samoa and Yellowstone in my purse).
10. Spirituality and Health magazine. I don't know why, but reading it always makes me happy.

What's making YOU happy these days?

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