Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Friday

1) The cat waltzed into my room at 2:30 am yowling. It became apparent that he wanted to drink from the jacuzzi, and was quite indignant that I would not get out of bed and turn the tub on. He left, and came back at 6:30 to repeat the routine.
2) He later made up for his caterwauling: I was frantically routing through a pile of laundry trying to find my belt, with the cat at my heels. I said (out loud), "Wilbert, if you have to be underfoot you could at least help me find my belt", at which point he started pawing something on the belt.
3) I am inexplicably happy over the fact that I discovered today there is a small supermarket in Hopkinton between the house and the train station. A bit more expensive than Shaw's, but that's on the other side of town.
4) I am taking bets on whether I actually get up for an 8 am yoga class tomorrow morning.
5) My sister's birthday was last weekend and I still haven't bought her a gift. 
6) I'm trying to decide: take another writing class, or start guitar lessons? The latter would require the purchase of a guitar, or at least a trip to Maine to borrow one of my Dad's, which he routinely encourages me to do. If I borrow Dad's guitar I could afford to do both...but I feel like the last thing I need right now is a distraction from writing. On the other hand, another creative outlet could be a GOOD thing for my writing. But learning to play guitar hurts, until you develop calluses on your fingers, and what if that makes typing too difficult? Decisions, decisions.
7) I've been neglecting my knitting...really must finish that last brown sock!
8) I've had the chorus to the song "Secret Spell" by Tori Amos stuck in my head for days, but I couldn't really decipher the words to the verses. I looked them up tonight and grimaced: "in one hand dreams aplenty / in her smile a secret spell / there have been disappointments / that she knows too well / and losing you was not part of this plan" *sigh*
9) I'm also kind of loving this "Duffy" chick - kind of like Amy Winehouse but, y'know, without the crack addiction. I'd like to know how she got that name, though. My grandfather had a friend named Duffy, and he also had a friend they called "Badger". My dad cannot tell me how these nicknames came to be, and the curiosity is killing me.

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Jeff Parsons said...

Duffy's full name is Aimee Anne Duffy. It's Welsh. I only know this because my job requires it.