Sunday, August 8, 2010

Patchwork: Jubilee

Another not-achieved goal for vacation was sewing patchwork. Months ago I had bought a Bali Pop pack in Cotton Candy and wanted to make something with it really badly, but couldn't find the right pattern. One morning while running errands, I did make it into my local quilt store and saw a really great sample hanging up, so I bought the pattern - it's Jubilee by Marlous Designs. It is advertised as easy - and technically it is, just straight seams and straight cuts, but I struggled a bit with understanding just how the strips were sewn together in a braid, then cut into pieces. I'm still not 100% I've got it right...but the pattern seems to lend itself to imprecision; ie, once the thing is pieced together, no one will really notice the mistakes.

Here's one of the finished blocks:

I really have to curb my matchy-matchy tendencies on this instinct is to make each piece match the next one (see the top two blocks above), but the result is a little washed out. When you really go for random, there is much more contrast in the blocks and they are much more visually interesting (see the bottom two blocks below):

And here's Callie (Calypso), my new helper/model, who has settled in quite nicely...such a sweet, sweet girl!

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