Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update: Random Thursday Edition

1) I started my new job on Monday. So far, so good. I now have to catch the 7:50 train, instead of the 9:08 train, so you can sort of imagine what has happened to my sleep schedule. But it's all good. The most shocking part of the transition was realizing just how loud my last office was, and just how much that noise wreaked havoc on my nerves. That makes me sound like some old Victorian lady, but alas it is still the truth.
2) Last week I was on vacation, and got utterly nothing done that I had planned to do. Instead, I hung out with my nieces. I am not complaining one bit.
3) There was a small bit of crafting...a sock started here, a baby quilt started there...and a pink satin dress. My youngest niece (who turned 8 today!) has been asking me for over a year to make her a long pink shiny dress (think bridesmaid dress). $60 in patterns and fabric and thread and zippers is sitting in a heap on my dining room table. I have a fairly good idea of how this is going to end (not well), and I am weighing which would be more disappointing: me not finishing the dress, or turning out something awful. I am seriously considering sneaking off to David's Bridal or similar, buying a dress, and cutting the tags out.
4) I also did a bit of shopping. One highlight was a necklace from here, made by a former downtown-revitalization cohort of mine. Modern and a little funky (in a good way). Go buy one. Or twelve.
5) I love the cat. She has adjusted quite well, and (this will make me sound like a crazy cat lady but I guess I should probably just get over that): I love how every night I get home and she just wants to cuddle and purr. The only trouble is, she does this weird thing where she likes to sort of lay horizontally against my throat, which means that she often uses her back paws for leverage. The result is, I now have a couple of huge scars right down the middle of my looks like I had some sort of awful surgery.
6) Every summer I get into this rut where it's too hot to do anything except lie around re-reading Harry Potter books. And that's exactly what's on tap for this evening. Can't imagine why I'm single.

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