Thursday, June 5, 2008

Random Thursday

1)Paul Newman makes a damned good cookie, is all I'm sayin'.

2)The new Sedaris book is great. I had reservations since I found Augusten Burrough's "Wolf at the Table" a huge disappointment (his other stuff is fantastic, though), but Sedaris didn't let me down. A couple of pieces I had read before, mostly in The New Yorker, but I didn't care; it was still funny the second time around.

3)Work is exhausting me this week. I had a good run going - probably stored up energy from my vacation - but I totally hit a wall this morning. I was so tired when I got off the train that I had a momentary panic attack because I could not remember where I had left my car. Wandering around a football-field sized parking lot in cold rainy drizzle is a FANTASTIC way to cap off the day, let me tell you.

4)Speaking of the train, I've discovered that nobody likes to sit next to someone who cranks their ipod up so loud that you can hear the music. I will probably go deaf before I turn 40, but at least I'll have a seat all to myself.

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