Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Kinda-Sorta Adventure

Today started with a trip to my sister's to get my Netflix out of her mailbox, except it turns out that she is the sort of person who actually stops the mail when she goes on vacation for a week. *sigh*

After getting lost looking for this (which is not at all the sort of dam I had thought), I got bored and wound up headed north on 140. And since I had to pee, I kept going, and then all of a sudden 140 stopped and then there was a "Welcome to NH" sign. Oops. Given how close I was to RI when I started out, this was something of a surprise to me, but I was still on a mission to pee. Gloriously, a Walmart appeared out of nowhere. I assure you that this is the first time in years that I have actually been delighted to see one, and the fir
st time in months that I've actually been inside one. It's just a whole other world, y'know?

But anyway: I love driving these windy roads and passing through the often quaint little villages. It really is beautiful in spots, and there are lots of places to hike, bike and fish (not that I do any of those things personally). And, because it's Massachusetts, there's a little bit of history tucked away in odd little crevices. On the way home I stopped at this little historic stone church that is located next to the Watchusett Reservoir. It was very lovely, and there were 4 elderly women sitting under the trees gossiping like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately, this was the only photo that actually came out close to decent, which is too bad because there was sparkly water on three sides:

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