Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where I Go to Maine and Find Some Stuff

Having 80% of my stuff in storage in my parents basement is a pain, but it is also kind of neat because every time I go there it's like shopping. For free. And it's all stuff I like, because at some juncture in time I bought it.

The drive cost:

~$50 in gas
~$10 in tolls
~$10 in junk food
~$40 for father's day gifts, card, etc.
~several ounces of patience

In return, I came home with:
~an entire milk crate full of cd's
~a box of all my summer shoes (9 pairs)
~a box of clothes
~my chaise lounge, which will go to my sister's house and the girls will grab for the pool
~a box of nonperishables that were in the den closet (how spaghetti sauce and soup wound up there, I have no idea.)
~a box of yarn

On the way home, I stopped to see T. and the Chloe dog for a visit. Then I stopped at Target for shampoo, and was delighted to see there is a new Alannis Morissette album out. Despite my moratorium (ha, ha) on nonessentials, it followed me home, mainly because she's always good for a soul-wrenching song or two. Or six, as I've counted thus far. Perfect. 

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