Saturday, September 27, 2008


So A. & M. are here, and last night we went out to dinner with their friends K. & M., who have a one-year old son who was so cute that it's a good thing I am of sound mind and morals because otherwise, the kid would have gone home with me. Whenever I imagine having kids they are always girls, I presume because I am a girl and it's just easier to imagine, but I found myself thinking, "A boy would be just fine. Perfectly, totally fine". And then I started to think, wow, babies and cats have a lot in common. They must be fed. They must be played with. You must deal with their poop. And they sleep a lot.

On the other hand? you can leave a cat home all day by itself and no one will send you to jail for it.

The place where we had dinner is owned by the father of the kid who played Dewey on "Malcolm in the Middle". The dad was there last night and the resemblance is stark. And, let me just say, I would expect that if my kid got famous I would NOT still be running the family restaurant, but perhaps that just goes to show how naive I am.

This weekend: rain. And more rain. I have not been sleeping well the past few nights, and naps will be necessary. I am feeling horribly, horribly lonely, despite the good company, and craving things (and people) I cannot have (not that you can actually "have" a person, they aren't posessions, but you know what I mean). This too shall pass. I so dearly, fiercely hope.

Addendum: significantly perked up after french toast with A & M at Harry's Diner. Then I came home and cleaned out my purse, where I found a $10 bill buried at the bottom. That's half a skein of yarn!

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