Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend in Pictures...

1) New Yarn...from a tiny little yarn shop just down the road, where a bunch of middle-aged women sat around talking about how much they like Obama:

2) After the monsoon yesterday, open windows this evening:

3) After an oddly icky banana bread fiasco (really, who kills banana bread?!), a happier result:

I seem to have a cold, or perhaps allergies, but I opted not to photograph the trail of tissues I have scattered throughout the house.

I also discovered a new BBC series, "Hex", which fits nicely after the vampire books; got lost (again) in Uxbridge trying to find another yarn store (this is akin to getting lost in South Paris, for the Mainers out there); and was dismayed to discover that I will probably run out of my lovely teal and navy alpaca sock yarn 3/4 of the way through the second sock. I am crossing my fingers; it's $25 a skein and I'd really rather not have to buy more, because if I buy one more skein, then I will have WAAAY more than I need to finish my sock, and therefore will actually have to buy TWO skeins so I can make another pair. The socks are lovely and I wouldn't mind making another pair, but $50 for yarn is just silly when I have a whole bunch of it sitting around here, waiting to be knit. Still, though...these are awesome socks, and it will suck to have only 1 and 3/4 socks...grrrrr.

Finally, I decided that I really ought to be a tad more literary-minded and picked up "The Wings of the Dove" by Henry James. Stop laughing. One cannot exist on vampires and David Sedaris alone!

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