Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Requisite Annual Navel Gazing

2008 was the year of the sock. I'm not sure what all else I accomplished, really, except knit socks. Leaving NYC wasn't exactly what I would call an accomplishment; in fact it still feels like a big fat failure, particularly since this Boston thing hasn't been exactly sunshine and roses either. I did write a fair amount, and did meet my one goal of submitting an essay to a magazine. The act of putting a piece of my work out in the world was oddly liberating.

I gave up on New Year's resolutions years ago, but goals...goals are another story. I realized recently that since finishing grad school, I really haven't had any goals for myself, other than falling in love and having a baby. The problem with those goals is, they kind of require someone else. Further complicating things is my recent realization that having someone to come home to is incredibly good for me, and now that my company has gone I am feeling that void quite acutely. Not really sure what to do about that...the cat is all well and good, but I'd prefer human company that talks back and doesn't shed on my black wool pea coat.

But I've also realized that I've really let my female friendships slide in the past couple of years, and that is actually something I can try to fix...starting with having friends over in a few weeks to knit and sew and whatever all else they want to do. A small start there.

Other than that, my goals are much less concrete. More writing. More art projects. More photography. Less whining in general.

And, y'know, if a few pounds disappear along the way, I won't complain.

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