Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Train Knitting

Rarely have I been so elated to finish a project.  This is the "Pink Aura" scarf from  One-Skein Wonders, for which I used TWO skeins of Manos del Uruguay's merino/silk blend in "Wildflowers".  I opted to use a size 6 needle, instead of a 10.5 as the pattern called for, because I wanted a more dense fabric.  Alas, that meant needing more yarn...and more time.  This was intended to be a spring scarf, but that didn't happen (although this crazy weather is much more spring-like than summer right now!).  This project has been my train knitting now for at least two solid months, and I must confess there have been several days where I couldn't even look at the thing, and either read or slept my way to and from work.  But it is DONE, DONE, DONE now, and I can finally work on something else without this nagging me from my purse. 

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