Monday, July 6, 2009

Experimenting: Wall Quilt #1

A few months ago, I started working on a scrap log cabin quilt using 1 1/2 inch strips.  I quickly discovered this was akin to plucking my bushy eyebrows one hair at a time, even though I was chain piecing - it was painfully slow going.  That project is still *ahem* in progress, but I did use some of the strips and make a small (9 x 12) wall quilt, which I then hand quilted.  I found some pre-cut flowers that I had bought for some long-forgotten scrapbook project, so I used a silver brad in the middle, then sewed them onto the quilt.  I bought a fairly inexpensive frame at the craft store, and voila:

This was a really simple way of using up some scraps while watching my Netflix videos; so simple that I was a little reticent about giving it as a gift.  It was, however, well-received by the recipient (my cousin, who is expecting a baby girl).  The plus side on this project is that if she doesn't want to hang it up (or even if she does want to hang it up for awhile), when the baby gets older the quilt can be removed and used as a doll blanket (obviously for a child over the age of 3, since it has small parts that could come off).

The downside on this of course (other than my less-than-stellar photography) is that it was obviously not professionally framed, and I read somewhere that one should frame quilts in a frame deep enough to keep the cloth away from direct contact with the glass.  In this case, as it was an experiment, I was fine with taking the inexpensive route and framing it myself.  

Upcoming:  another wall quilt experiment and an ACTUAL, FINISHED KNITTING PROJECT, hurray! 

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