Sunday, September 20, 2009

Miss Cranky Pants and Her Needles

I had one of those weekends where no matter what I tried to do, I wound up annoyed...I was inordinately cranky to begin with, and then people kept getting In My Way.  For example, I went to recycle my bottles and there was a woman with two shopping carts full of bottles in front of me, and half the machines weren't working.  Every time I tried to get into a parking space some idiot swung in and grabbed it, or parked in front of it, or otherwise made it impossible for me to park.  I went to get milk and there were two people having an argument in front of the milk case and they would not move.  Minor crappy stuff, really, but it set me in a right foul mood. 

Eventually it became apparent that the safest thing for me and the rest of humanity was for me to hide in my apartment.  So, in between futile attempts to run errands and half-hearted attempts to clean my apartment, I was knitting and watching Project Runway (which, by the way, really needs to find a way to incorporate more knitwear).  I finished my basic  hat out of my leftover Noro - it's a squeege small for a cold winter, but will be fine for late fall:

Despite the fact that I used the same yarn, this hat does not look like it belongs with the mittens.  Neither the hat or mittens look like they belong with the scarf I made last year.  *sigh*  Oh well.

I also started a new "train knitting project":  a scarf out of Malabrigo in a really great brown and blue colorway (called "Charrua").  I got the pattern, which is a "mock cable", from Halcyon Yarn a couple of years ago, but never actually knit it.  I must say, after knitting so many pairs of socks with tiny needles and skinny yarn, it's shocking to see how quickly chunky yarn on size 9 needles knits up!

Finally, late this afternoon I hauled out an ancient project I started almost a year ago - the Cosima sweater designed by Norah Gaughan.  It's been sitting behind the couch now for quite some time, but the other day the Yarn Harlot mentioned the pattern on her blog...and I got that guilt-ridden feeling I get when I remember abandoned projects.  I pulled out the bag of purple yarn (Berroco Cuzco in the oddly-named "Troll"), and was shocked to see I actually had about 3/4 of the back knit.  It took me awhile to figure out where I had left off, made more difficult because the printed pattern I bought was wrong, and I had to decipher the corrections I had written down from the internet.  I think I'm back on track now, though this is my first attempt at a "grown up" sweater and I'm keeping expectations quite low.  Eventually there will be photos of this project, but not quite yet!

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Anonymous said...

Well, the hat may not match the mittens but it sure is lovely. Here in So. Fla, we don't have any need for that stuff but it's beatiful to look at.