Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm moving this weekend, and so my time has been spent cleaning, packing, paying bills, and creating new bills to pay (ie, getting electric, internet, cable set up).  All my writing/sewing time has been usurped for the moment, although I can still manage to knit and read a bit on the train.  Still, though, my fingers are itching for a good long session with some fabric...

I hate moving...I mean, I really hate moving.  I don't like change much to begin with, and in this case I'm not only losing free rent, I'm losing the big jacuzzi bathtub that has kept me just this side of sane over the past few months.  In fact, it occurred to me (during a conversation with S., which is where many of my epiphanies come to light) that there are a lot of losses piling up at the moment, some of them quite large.   Somewhere (I think in a Pema Chodron book) I read that Buddhists believe that when everything in one's life is falling apart, it's because the universe is trying to bring something important into your life and it needs you to be distracted.  If there is any truth to this whatsoever, I beg you oh Universe, stop it, for I'm not sure how much more distraction I can take!  I also have the voice of Maria from "The Sound of Music" in my head:  "When the Lord closes a door he always opens a window"...I really hope this move is an open window, metaphorical or otherwise.

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