Sunday, April 13, 2008

Early Morning Musings

It's really late (or early, depending on your point of view) and I can't sleep. Too much soda, I suspect, and there's so much stuff running around my head I'm actually afraid to fall asleep because I really don't want to find out how my subconscious is going to process it all.

I did finish a pair of socks tonight, for my sister, and they are drying now. One might be sliiiightly longer in the foot than its twin, but I'm not going to get all picky about it. It's only the third pair I've knit, and I'm still at the point where if they even vaguely resemble socks, I'm happy. I also wound my new sock yarn into a ball, but am undecided about what sort of socks to knit next.

I've also moved on to watching a BBC show called "Monarch of the Glen", which is based on the seemingly improbable premise of a young man inheriting his family's 400 year old Scottish estate, except his daft parents are still alive so "inheriting" isn't really the right word at all. I don't love it as much as I did Ballykissangel, but it's good escapism for knitting time. There is a large Scottish contingent in my family history, as well as Irish and Welsh, and I like imagining myself roaming around a big drafty castle (probably trailing yarn behind me). Reading-wise, I've dipped into Jane Austen, but I'm finding it difficult to read on the subway. It's just too weird a juxtaposition.

In the next 24 hours, I must: finish my taxes; clean out the fridge; do a pile of laundry; start packing stuff up; and...I'm sure there's more stuff. If I can just get through Monday and Tuesday, it will be a great week: Tuesday is my last day at work, Wednesday I get to see S. (an unexpected and happy surprise!), and Thursday I go up to MA to interview early Friday morning. I'll get back here in time to meet A. at Grand Central, and I have tickets for Avenue Q Sunday night. Yay!

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