Friday, April 25, 2008


If anyone walked into my apartment right now, knowing that I have to be out of it in less than 20 hours, they would laugh hysterically and then shake their head. *sigh* I am a little behind in the packing and cleaning, mainly because I got really overwhelmed this morning and decided to watch LOST and a couple of other shows online. I would clean/pack during the "commercial" breaks. While this is probably the least efficient manner of moving, short of doing nothing at all, I have not run screaming from the building in tears, which is Something. (However, I did just return from a harrowing experience at the laundromat).

As I suspected, the weirdest thing I found was in the fridge, but not like I'd expected. There were several FROZEN things in there - a left-over tomato soup popsicle, anyone??? I have NO idea what that is about, and have a feeling I don't even want to know.

I also don't want to know how the %^&* I am going to get all this crap into my car....

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