Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Adventure

Today was a perfect spring day, with a wonderfully blue sky and just a few random puffy clouds. It was too good a day to waste indoors, so I made my way up to Reid State Park for the afternoon. I had many a day in NYC where I wished I could just skip work and spend the day at the ocean, and it was a huge relief to pull into the park. I sat on the rocks for awhile, and then walked the beach where I found a couple of decent pieces of sea glass (one green, one white). It was just the sort of afternoon I needed, and both my body and spirit are happier for it.

On the way home, I stopped in Bath to visit Halcyon's and spent the rest of my birthday money (more sock yarn!), visited with an old (sort of) co-worker of mine, and then came home to an empty house. A BIG empty house.

Tonight: after compulsively checking all the locks - reading, knitting, and TV, hooray!

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Stephanie said...

Reid State Park is my favorite place in the world!