Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Boy am I grateful right now. First of all, I don't have a migraine. I got one last night, I suspect because our air conditioning at work died and I got dehydrated. (On the plus side? It was the one day that I didn't sit in my office shivering.)

Second, and in all seriousness, I am grateful that I didn't take the sublet in Newton, because if I had I probably would have been in a train accident this evening. I used to live in Newton and rode the T every day, and I'm really scratching my head over how the trains could have collided. I am anxious and sad for the trapped conductor and her family, but I also love hearing the stories about people helping each other out. It makes me feel like we as a species have a little bit of hope.

Third, less serious but still grateful: after carefully micro-managing my money for the past 2 weeks (which is not, um, something I generally do...) because, for long boring reasons, I haven't gotten paid at my new job yet, I discovered that my NY tax refund finally came through. I LOVE it when the universe provides like this. Although, I am still petitioning the universe for some semblance of a love life to utterly no avail. I think that might be even beyond divine intervention at this point.

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