Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Room of My Own

Well. Here I am, more or less settled into my new sublet. I even managed to get my impossibly heavy computer upstairs and get the wireless set up all by myself (mainly because I watched Tom set it up at his house). There are still some things at my sister's I need to get, and groceries to be bought, but that's minor. I can't believe I've just moved AGAIN, and will do this in reverse in August when my sister leaves for California and I move into her house...the things we do for family and free rent...

Although I have a roommate, I am already feeling much better about this sublet compared to my last situation. Not only is this apartment on the top floor, meaning there will be no noisy upstairs neighbors playing music or dropping furniture on my head until 3 am, but I have a fairly bare room all to myself. It came with a bed (a twin...yikes!), a table (for use as a desk), and a tv/dvd. Nothing on the walls, hurrah! No tchotchkes to worry about breaking, or antique furniture to be paranoid about ruining! I can watch movies in bed! And, most importantly, I can actually feel like it's MY room and I'm not just borrowing someone else's. Oh, AND it overlooks WOODS. Happy, happy, happy.

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