Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Sunday Update

1) When my sister first moved to this area back in the late 1990's, I couldn't imagine why on earth anyone would live out here. In particular, I loathe and detest Route 9. For the unfamiliar, it is more or less a highway, except at random intervals there are STOPLIGHTS so people can turn into strip malls and car dealerships. Which, as you might imagine, creates all sorts of interesting near-misses, if not outright accidents. I now have to drive Route 9 daily, but during the week I am driving in the opposite direction of commuting traffic so it isn't so bad. But on the weekend all bets are off, in either direction, and for one split second I missed running errands in NYC - no car necessary, just my own two feet and a subway card.

2) I ventured on Route 9 this weekend so I could go to Trader Joe's. Stephanie raves about them a lot, and so I went with high hopes. I was surprised that a full quarter of the store was liquor. I don't know if this is an anomaly here in Massachusetts, but I found it peculiar. But the prices and loads of organic stuff made it worth the trip. It also had a really odd customer mix this afternoon: Coach-purse bearing soccer moms and hippie students.

3) As much as I hate chain stores, I was deliriously happy to discover today that I could return things bought in different states at Staples and J. Jill.

4) I totally reverted to my night-owl schedule this weekend, AND drank caffeinated soda today, and I will pay for it dearly tomorrow morning.

5) I gave up on the curly hair experiment. I found it more work, and I don't think it looked that good. It may just be the unfamiliarity of it all, but I like it much better straight - even if it means I have regular half-hour dates with the hair dryer.

6) I now have Amy Winehouse stuck in my head.

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Franny Loves Figs said...

I totally forgot about the liquor...they have it in California, too, but in Illinois it's all wine and beer only. Hmmmmmmmmm....

Some of my favorite TJ's staples include their quarts of organic vanilla yogurt, their Caribbean fruit floes popsicles, their fresh salsa, their flax-seed chips, and English coastal cheddar.

There are probably more things I buy regularly, but these are the things I crave as I sit here catching up on your posts.